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Garden Room

We are very happy to bring to you our beautiful garden room which we built with the aim to create a relaxing and peaceful space right in the heart of the most vibrant neighborhood of Valencia, Ruzafa. The gentle sound of the waterfall and lush plants emanate a calming and restorative energy for you to unwind and find serenity within yourself. You will have the feeling of being in nature but with the luxury of a pleasant temperature all year round, an even and warm wooden floor and no disturbance of any sort to make your practice the most comfortable possible.


Our Space

A space for people to create community and practice daily yoga and meditation.

Zen Room

Our Zen Room room is very unique, with removable walls the space can be adapted according to different needs, if necessary we can create two separate rooms for small or individual classes, massages or even to rent out for your

professional use.

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